Amazing Violin & Drums Live Performance

The Olga Show

This street performer Olga (Olga Show) prefers to hit the streets to get instant reaction from oncoming passers by. She enjoy’s mixing her skills with her natural gift as a beautiful woman to give you this amazing performance with her friend Marino.

We discovered this talented street performer this morning while jumping back on board the posting wagon.  If you like the work of Olga, please consider supporting her work by following any of the links provided.

Download her Songs :

Olga Show Facebook :

Olga’s message is to please Share This Video.

According to her YouTube post which was published on the 31st of December 2015, that this was made during their last Metro/Street Performance in the Metro Station Châtelet in Paris.  One hour later the drummer Marino was just 20 meters away in the Bus76 from the gunshots of the Attack, it was 13.11.15.

Note : Apologize for not posting on the blog, I haven’t forgotten about it, I was just trying to figure out the best way to SEO refine all of the articles on the website so that it can make send and can be understood by our search engines. To people who are in the same boat as us, everyone knows how difficult it is to climb our Mount Everest.


Credits to the following of Olga Show : 
Violin: Olga
Drums : Marino
Camera/ Editing: Nicolás Longinotti

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