Bright x Photograph MASHUP (Echosmith/Ed Sheeran) – Cover by Tiffany Chang

Found this interesting video of Bright X Photography Mashup (Echosmith / Ed Sheeran) – Cover by Tiffany Chang


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Published on 13 Sep 2015

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Hi everyone!

YAYYYYY a new video! After passing two parts of the CPA exam, I decided to take a little break and make a new cover for you guys 🙂 I received a few special requests to cover “Photograph,” and while I love the song (and Ed Sheeran), I decided I wanted to challenge myself with another mashup. I found that Echosmith’s “Bright” seemed to work well together, and taking inspiration from Lindsey Stirling’s cover, I had a lot of fun putting both songs into one arrangement.

Special thanks to my brother Albert ( for helping me film the video and giving me musical tips!

Hope you enjoy the cover, and don’t forget to like, comment, and share!! Thanks so much!


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